Welcome to aMazingCube

Embark on an adventure with intrigue and mystery, using only your wits to complete the challenge in 60 minutes or less.


You'll set out on a series of adventures, teleporting into unknown worlds and diving into quests of all sorts.

Tactile experience

With real buttons, switches and dials, you and your team encounter a genuine sensory adventure. Your actions determine the course of the story and the game responds to your decisions.


Race against time

Working as a team, you'll have a limited period of time to beat each mission.


Brand-new design

Built from the inside-out from scratch, the aMazingCube is a marvel of origami-esque construction. Inside, the structure houses 24 compartiments for hosting game interfaces and graphics.

Handcrafted story

We've written a brand-new story. Now it's time for you to become a part of it.

Immersive storytelling

Fall into the universe of aMazingCube as professional voice actors create the scenery for a new world.


Come along on the journey!

We're launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring the aMazingCube to life.

Check it out...