The aMazingCube project combines puzzle-creation, programming, hardware development and general design skills. In order to pull it all off, our team has put our heads together to cover all the bases.


Project launched

The idea for aMazingCube came to √Čtienne after visiting an Escape room in Barcelona.

Designed puzzles

We concocted all sorts of puzzles for the box. To test them out, we created light, in-browser versions of the puzzles to test on family and friends.

Began development

We dove into the code - writing the brains for the puzzles and randomly generated solution sets (wherever possible). At the same time, we designed and breadboarded electronic circuits to provide for input and output.

Created the box IRL

Using a laser cutting machine, we chopped all of the pieces out of slices of foamboard to construct the box by hand. Not only did we get a feel for how the electronics could be mounted in the box, but we also found details to improve in the cube itself.

Registered our brand

With the INPI, the National Institute of Intellectual Property (France), we registered our brand, aMazingCube.

Completed electronics

We made homemade PCBs for all of our electronics.

Upgraded cube design

Etienne completed the seriously awesome updates to the cube design : now with less wasted space, a more-compact assembled cube and compartments that are easy to access.

Created graphics for cube

After doodling over a dozen options on paper, we picked a design scheme for the graphics and ran with it.